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3 Pizza Freak Co. Pies with ample  (84g/pie) EZZO CUP & CHAR PEPPERONI in bag to you will add to the Signature Three Cheese Blend on Freak Frames, Delivered to your Doorstep. Also includes Mike's Hot Honey Dip Cups for each pie!

Pies are 9" x 12"- most people cut into 6 slices, 2 slices is enough for most people.

This offer is only available for the States East of the Mississippi.



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Customer Reviews

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Joshua Sharkey
Unbelievably delicious and so easy!

Hands down greatest frozen pizza of all time, but it shoudn't just be considered in the frozen pizza realm, it's just an incredible pizza altogether. Make sure to get it crispy (I get why they call it pizzafreakco!) the cheese crust you get adds a depth of flavor that makes it uniquely it's own thing. We also have 2 kids, so getting dinner done in around 20minutes with something this good that's made with incredible ingredients is just a game changer.

Mark Kuhn
They're just so good

It's a wonderful pizza, not limited by the fact that it's a frozen pizza. Absolutely wonderful

Anthony Hamelle
The Best Indeed!

Let me put it simply. When we have Pizzafreak for dinner I'm not telling my friends or my family we're having pizza, I'm not telling them we're having Pizzafreak, I'm telling them "tonight we're having the best frozen pizza in the world", because that's what is is, and they know what I mean by that!

Howard Adler
Absolutely Delicious

Read about Pizza Freak in Broken Palate and figured I had to give it a try, especially since I have never had a frozen pizza that was remotely good. Order the pepperoni and they came in a couple of days in perfect condition with individual bags of a large amount of pepperoni for each pizza. Followed the simple instructions to the letter and around 40 minutes later, had a beautiful pie with browned, bubbly cheese, cupped pepperoni and a nicely crisped crust. Took a bite and had I not known it was frozen, could easily have come from one of the better pizzerias in Brooklyn, where I live. Sent a gift of the same pies to a friend who lives in Arlington, VA and her first reaction was that she could not believe it was frozen because it was so far superior to anything she could buy in and around her neighborhood. Thank you Pizza Freak. Will always keep some of your pies in my freezer.

Incredible Pizza

I read about Pizza Freak in Craig Laban’s annual Philly Restaurant “Best Of” article and was intrigued by his comments about PF. As someone who was raised on Roman and Elio’s pizza (ugghhh!), I am not a big fan of home cooked pizza out of the freezer. However, Laban got it right. This pizza is incredible. The crust, flavor, ease of cooking, mouth-feel, EVERTHING! was fantastic. I highly recommend Pizza Freak; they’re easy to deal with, the delivery arrives within a couple days of ordering, and it’s delicious. Absolutely delicious!