We have gained the attention of several well-respected Food Media people, here are a few examples:

"Can frozen pizza’s bad rap be redeemed? This collaboration between chef Brad Daniels of Ambler’s Tresini, kitchen gear entrepreneur Matt McKenney, and Florida chef Brad Kilgore is about to change minds. What began as a pandemic experiment with the latest kitchen tech in Drexel University’s Food Lab has evolved into one of the best frozen pies I’ve eaten. Made from high-quality ingredients and built on a well-fermented Roman- style cushion of dough, it finishes with a Detroit-style frico of tangy cheese around the edges. One key: a unique cardboard baking pan with windows cut out — the “Freak Frame” — that allows the bottom to crisp. Currently available at Tresini and select beer distributors and by mail-order within a 250-mile radius. But Pizza Freak has big plans to expand.”
-Craig LaBan, Restaurant Critic, Philadelphia Inquirer

“Another revelation of the weekend: Pizza Freak Co., the duo of Brad Daniels and 2016 Best New Chef Brad Kilgore, unveiled their new direct- to-consumer frozen pizza at the Grand Tasting. Think Stouffer's French Bread Pizza from the 1990s, only 50 times better and sauced with
Bianco DiNapoli tomatoes atop a slow-fermented, crispy, lacy, focaccia-like crust. Be on the lookout for this one.”
– Hunter Lewis, Editor-in-Chief Food & Wine

"Was I skeptical? Yeah. I mean, I grew up in the 1970s and 1980s, so my memory circuits have been scorched — or freezer-burned, I should say — by very bad childhood experiences with supermarket pizzas. But I am skeptical no longer. Pizza Freak represents an innovative and delicious leap forward. The tomato sauce tastes like good tomatoes. The cheese tastes like cheese (instead of melted plastic). The crust is naturally chewy and suffused with deep flavor. The first time I cooked a Pizza Freak pie at home, I watched my children wolf it down with an accompaniment of satisfied grunts — and, trust me, my children are very tough critics.
This is not a frozen pizza that you settle for because you're tired. This is a frozen pizza that you crave."
- Jeff Gordinier, Contributing Editor, Esquire