Detroit Style Pizza

A Brief History of Detroit Pizza

The History of Detroit Style Pizza: A Culinary Delight


Detroit style pizza, with its unique square shape, thick crust, and mouthwatering flavors, has captivated pizza enthusiasts worldwide. Let's explore the origins of this style, its evolution, and the significant contributions of Sean Randazzo, while highlighting the key features of FRICO, sauce on top, and baking in metal trays inspired by Detroit's car manufacturing industry.

 Origins of Detroit Style Pizza:

Detroit style pizza originated in the mid-1940s at Buddy's Rendezvous, a neighborhood bar owned by Gus Guerra. Gus and Anna Guerra experimented with a Sicilian-style dough, creating a rectangular pizza with a thick, airy crust. Baked in seasoned blue steel pans, reminiscent of those used in the automotive industry, the pizza developed a distinctive caramelized cheese crust.

 Evolution and Popularity:

Detroit style pizza gained popularity within Detroit and beyond due to its crispy, chewy crust, generous toppings, and unique features. The practice of putting sauce on top of the pizza, creating a delightful blend of flavors, became a defining characteristic. The use of metal trays, inspired by the automotive industry, allowed for even baking and a perfect crust.

 Sean Randazzo's Influence:

Sean Randazzo, co-founder of Detroit Style Pizza Co., played a significant role in popularizing this style beyond Detroit. His dedication to preserving the authenticity of Detroit style pizza led him to develop a signature blend of brick cheese, a key component of the pizza's distinct flavor.

In 2012, Shawn won World Champion Pizza Maker of the Year; in 2011, he became the first person to ever advance to the finals in both the Traditional and Non-Traditional categories at the International Pizza Expo.

 FRICO: A Distinctive Feature:

One of the standout features of Detroit style pizza is FRICO, the caramelized cheese crust that forms along the edges of the pan. This crispy, golden layer adds a delightful texture and flavor, making each bite a unique experience.

Detroit style pizza has evolved from its humble beginnings at Buddy's Rendezvous to become a beloved pizza style worldwide. The practice of putting sauce on top, baking in metal trays inspired by the automotive industry, and the distinctive FRICO crust are all integral to its identity. Thanks to the passion and contributions of individuals like Sean Randazzo, Detroit style pizza continues to delight pizza lovers everywhere.

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